Disastrous Network Webstore

Welcome to the offical webstore for Disastrous Network. Any purchases made here go to supporting our network while enchancing your gameplay on our server. You can browse through multiple categories - each with many packages - to help you select what would benefit you best. Please remember to read everything carefully.


Monthly Top Customer

The top customer of each month receives a store credit of $15. The credit does not expire until it is depleted by said customer. It has no restrictions of what it can be used on in the store and can be used on multiple packages.


Support - Questions - Concerns

Email: support@disastrous.network

Website: disastrous.network


*We are not affliated with Mojang, AB. Minecraft is a registered trademark of Mojang, AB. Any purchase goes directly to us.

**E-Transfers, E-Checks and other form of bank transfers/transaction may take upto 14 business days to be processed. It is not upto us how long the process takes as it to the parties involved (PayPal or any other payment gateway)